A film by Tomasz Wolski
2021, 70 minutes
No. 330

In 1970, protests broke out in several coastal cities in Communist Poland. Workers went on strikes to object to price increases. Growing numbers of protesters walked out onto the streets. As the situation became tense, a crisis team gathered in the capital

With the help of animations combined with telephone recordings, we can peek behind the closed doors of dignitaries’ offices. Hundreds of cigarettes are smoked, conversations get cutoff, and strategies to break up protesters and future repressions are planned. 

However, the protests got out of control, we can witness the fear, confusion, and brutality of the decision-makers. The militia makes use of their batons. Shots are fired and people die. 1970 is a story about a rebellion but told from the perspective of the oppressors. 

Visions du Reel, Official Selection
“a provocative film that should win exposure on discerning platforms spanning the range of documentary, animation and human rights interests.” - Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

“Wolski has the advantage of accessible archives to shed light on a different perspective of civil unrest: the then-secret machinations and methods of a cynical regime as it tried to make a very vocal problem go away.” - Carmen Grey, Modern Times

“Wolski creates a time capsule for the audience, and keeps the film enviably consistent.” - Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa