A film by Tsai Ming-Liang
2015, 137 minutes
No. 303

Tsai Ming-Liang’s films (DaysGoodbye Dragon InnRebels of the Neon God) typically have few lines of dialogue. He must have saved all his words for Afternoon, a conversation between him and his muse, actor Lee Kang-sheng, filmed in four static takes as the two sit next to each other in front of the camera. 

The visibly moved director talks to Lee about mortality, his beloved grandfather, sexuality, and their special bond in this laying bare of intimate thoughts. Lee, like the characters he plays in Tsai’s films, speaks little, but the connection and love between the two are unmistakable. 

This is a must-see companion piece to Tsai’s rich body of work.

"Over the past thirty years, Tsai and Lee have created a body of work unlike any other in world cinema, capturing urban ennui and desire amid the ethereal, neon-lit dreamscapes of Taipei and other Asian metropolises." - The New Yorker

"Their working relationship, over twenty years long, is a fascinating one, and since no one has bothered to document it, Tsai steps in to do the job. His tender and repeated articulations of how highly he values Lee in his life unspool in slow fashion, giving us the breathing room to appreciate why the director set up this rather strange filming exercise in the first place." -

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