A film by Mariano Llinás
2008, 252 minutes
No. 286

Imbued with the spirit of Robert Louis Stevenson and filtered through the sensibilities of Jorge Luis Borges and Thomas Pynchon, three unconnected, voiceover-narrated tales each start off innocently enough and then veer into ever stranger, more fascinating realms.

X arrives in a small town and witnesses a violent act; Z takes the job of a dead manager and discovers that he had a notebook written in code and a map; H is hired to go down a river and investigate a series of mysterious monoliths built on the shore. In this adventurous experiment in storytelling, secret identities, missing persons, lost treasures, exotic beasts and desperate criminals are only a few of the elements woven into a grand tapestry of mysteries.

Official Selection, International Film Festival Rotterdam
Official Selection, Vancouver International Film Festival
Official Selection, Los Angeles Film Festival

"While the pic was made on a low budget even by Argentine standards, with a small crew and the support of only Argentina’s Universad del Cine, the final impact is of a big movie nearly bursting at the seams.'' - Robert Koehler, Variety

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