A film by Razi Jafri, Justin Feltman
2020, 89 minutes
No. 314

Once a city that was 90% Polish, Hamtramck became the first Muslim majority city in America. Now, this new wave of immigrants aim to gain representation in city hall.

HAMTRAMCK, USA follows Kamal Rahman, a Bangladeshi candidate for Mayor, Fadel al-Marsoumi, a 23 year old Iraqi immigrant running for City Council, as well as the current mayor, Karen Majewski, Hamtramck’s first female mayor in the city's 100 year lineage of Polish mayors. Throughout the election, candidates look to build support, coalitions, and partnerships across ethnic and religious lines.

Weaved into the election season, the film showcases the vibrant life, celebrations, and culture of those who call this cityhome. At the end of the election, regardless of who ultimately wins, Hamtramck will need to come together, with a new identity or the remaining fragments of the past, to face the many challenges ahead

Official Selection, SXSW
Official Selection Doc NYC
Official Selection, DOXA Documentary Film Festival
Winner, Programmer's Award, Virginia Film Festival

"Hamtramck, USA gives us one of the more down-to-earth yet somehow inspiring political documentaries of the past few years." - Audrey Fox, JumpCut

"In these cynical times, it’s enough to make you believe there are still places in America where democracy exists." - Clint Worthington, The Spool

"The filmmakers take a very hands-off approach, allowing the community to tell this story...they realize that just being truthful and present can offer cinematic insight." - Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.com

"Hamtramck, USA neither whitewashes the Muslim experience nor demonizes it." - Li Lai, Mediaversity