A film by Marie-Eve Hildbrand
2021, 80 minutes
No. 325

After 40 years of practice as a rural doctor, Francis Hildbrand wants to pass his cabinet down to a young general practitioner, but it’s harder than he expected; Candidates are few, and their proposals are puzzling. Nonetheless, day after day, patients march down, begging the old doctor to heal large and small wounds on their bodies and souls.

Not far away, in a formalin-scented room, medical students dissect corpses for the first time. In oversized gowns, Lorena and her colleagues concentrate on their work, but their heads are flooded with questions.

By examining bodies and exploring the corners of the human psyche, Healers draws the contours of tomorrow's medicine, and weaves the portrait of a rapidly changing healthcare system.

Visions du Reel, Official Selection