A film by Feras Fayyad
2017, 104 minutes
No. 090


Winner of numerous prizes, including the Grand Jury Documentary prize at the Sundance Film Festival, Syrian filmmaker Feras Fayyad’s breathtaking work – a searing example of boots-on-the-ground reportage – follows the efforts of the internationally recognized White Helmets; ordinary citizens who are the first to rush towards military strikes in the hope of saving lives.

Incorporating moments of both heart-pounding suspense and improbable beauty, the documentary draws us into the lives of three of its founders – Khaled, Subhi, and Mahmoud – as they grapple with the chaos around them and struggle with an ever-present dilemma: do they flee or stay and fight for their country.

A courageous work,Last Men in Aleppo provides a striking new perspective on a conflict that is reshaping the world.

WInner, Grand Jury World Documentary Prize, Sundance Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary, CPH: DOX Film Festival
Winner, Inspiration Award, Full Frame Film Festival
Winner, Grand Jury Honorary Mention, Full Frame Film Festival
Winner, Audience Award - Best Documentary, FilmFest DC
Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival
Winner, Best Documentary, Sarasota Film Festival
Winner, Audience Award, Sarasota Film Festival

“An essential film.” – The New York Times

“You should — you must — see Last Men in Aleppo to witness an ongoing tragedy. But you should also see it to learn humility. We — meaning Americans — ain’t seen nothin’. Yet.” – Vulture

“A masterpiece.” – The Guardian

"Remarkable. Viscerally immediate, exquisitely realized... Astonishing first-hand footage obtained at immense risk to the lives of the filmmakers." – Variety

“Essential viewing.” – New York Magazine

“A must-see record of lifesaving heroes.” – Huffington Post

"An unforgettable and essential documentary.” – Indiewire

“Three and a half stars. An unflinching depiction of life in a vulnerable city.” –

"Essential viewing." – Film Comment