A film by Christopher LaMarca
2016, 75 minutes
No. 044


A quietly observational homage to a disappearing way of life, Boone is an immersive documentary that captures the final year in the life of a small goat farm in Southern Oregon.

Breathtakingly photographed, the film intimately documents the lives of farm founder Mookie Moss (a child of the the family who founded Greenpeace) and fellow farmers Dana and Zac as they work relentlessly, sunrise to sundown - a cacophony of babies being born, milking goats, blood and brief moments of resolve - in order to sustain the fragile balance needed to support the land and animals they care for deeply.

Adopting a bracingly cinematic and sensory approach, the documentary vividly depicts the sensual, sometimes turbulent relationship between human, animal, and nature. Yet, from news reports heard in the background, and late-night conversations among the farmers, Boone clearly lays out the harsh reality of sustainably operating a small farm in today's America, under pressure from strict government regulations and the near-ubiquity of corporate farms.

* Official Selection, South by Southwest
* Official Selection, Independent Film Festival Boston

"Immerses the viewer in the fields, barns and homes of the farm’s human and animal inhabitants... a portrait of farm life both specific to the location and universal in its depiction of the occupation." - Filmmaker Magazine

"A remarkable cinéma vérité look at hyperlocal agriculture, it strips away the romance from farming and gives us something a lot more interesting in its place." - IDA Magazine

"A beautiful and unflinching look at the lives of three young goat farmers as they face an uncertain future. It’s one of the most unique documentaries you have ever laid your eyes on, bringing to mind what might happen if Terrance Malick turned his efforts toward non-fiction storytelling, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget" - Substream Magazine

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