A film by Marie-Eve Hildbrand
2021, 80 minutes
No. 325

Dr. Hildbrand is about to retire as other young doctors are getting trained. This family doctor is looking for someone to take over his country practice. Despite the fact that the Faculty of Medicine is overflowing with students, the search proves less than simple. At the crossroads of generations and practices, HEALERS questions the vocation and profound meaning of caring for others.

Marie-Eve Hildbrand focuses on the human dimension of medicine, in a system undergoing considerable change, which is more concerned with technological innovations than with the qualities of listening and empathy inherent to medical practice. Endearing portraits, including that of her doctor father, make for an introspective film, which reveals the doubts and questions of several people practising traditional and alternative medicine. 

HEALERS confronts us to the plurality of medical approaches and invites us to reflect on the medicine of the tomorrow.

Visions du Reel, Official Selection