A film by Paul Harrill
2019, 82 minutes
No. 217

Gifted with sometimes-prophetic dreams and a lifelong interest in the paranormal, Sheila (Marin Ireland) is asked to investigate a potential haunting at a Tennessee farmhouse. It’s there she meets Richard (Jim Gaffigan), a recent widower who believes his wife may still be with him. 

The investigation that ensues — which eventually pulls in Shelia’s son, Owen and his classmate Lucy — forces them to confront the mysteries of their own lives.

Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival
Official Selection, Sarasota Film Festival
Official Selection, Oak Cliff Film Festival
Official Selection, Wisconsin Film Festival
Official Selection, Montclair Film Festival

“A haunted-house movie like no other. Graceful and moving. If you were to imagine The Conjuring stripped of its scares — or Ghostbusters with less ectoplasm — and reimagined in the minor-key mode of regional American filmmakers like Kelly Reichardt and Patrick Wang, you might come close to approximating its effect." 
— Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

 “An extraordinary and thought-provoking film for skeptics and believers alike." 
— Alissa Wilkinson, Vox

"A movie of great intimacy and mystery, Light From Light is a remarkable achievement." 
— C. Mason Wells, Film Comment

"An unconventional ghost story… made all the more transfixing by its defining delicacy and understatement." 
— David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

"The bittersweet surprise of the third act sweeps us into a rapturous nirvana that will send tingles down your spine." 
— Matt Delman, Hammer to Nail

"Ireland and Gaffigan give incredibly nuanced performances." 
— Monica Castillo,

“One of the best movies from Sundance 2019. An intimate gem. Ireland and Gaffigan are excellent.” 
— Esther Zuckerman, Thrillist

"A tender film about paranormal activity. [Harrill is] a skilled and subtle director." 
— Kristen Yoonsoo Kim, The New York Times

"Deeply moving. An experience rich with atmosphere and humanity." 
— Jordan Raup, The Film Stage

 “A quiet, luminous ghost story. One of the first great films I saw this year.” 
— Steven D. Greydanus, National Catholic Register

"A gem. Boasts a rare, quiet honesty, and a lead performance from Marin Ireland that’ll haunt you for days." 
— Elizabeth Weitzman, The Wrap