A film by Camilo Restrepo
2020, 70 minutes
No. 326

Medellin, Colombia. Pinky is on the run. He has just freed himself from the grip of a religious sect. He finds a place to squat and a job in a t-shirt factory. Misled by his own faith, he questions everything. But as he tries to put back together the pieces of his broken life, violent memories return to haunt him, and ask for Revenge.

Winner, Best First Feature, Berlin Film Festival

“Stunning. Hallucinatory. A swirling, cryptic journey into a hellish Medellín night.” - Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound

    “Every frame is gorgeous. Restrepo’s debut feature burns white-hot with the misterioso story of an outlaw at large.” - Devika Girish, Film Comment

      “Potent, angry, stylish. An inventive, elusive work, catalyzing righteous outrage to create propulsive entertainment.” - Rhys Handley, Sight & Sound

      “Vivid and dreamlike. Nearly every sequence contains a moment of sudden, arresting beauty.” - Clinton Krute, Bomb Magazine

        “Announces Restrepo as a visceral talent...who can be placed alongside Ciro Guerra and Alessandro Landes; Colombian filmmakers who use pop cinema techniques from Hollywood and beyond to tell twisted stories of life back home.” - Ben Flanagan, Vague Visages