A film by Bettina Perut, Iván Osnovikoff
2018, 75 minutes
No. 223


A magical documentary, Los Reyes presents the world, or more specifically, a skate park in Santiago, Chile, from the perspective of two wise and adorable dogs. As the camera effortlessly follows them throughout the day and night, the conversations of young skaters are heard in the background; frank talk of drug use, sexuality, economic mobility and social marginalization.

A home away from home for teenagers from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, Los Reyes is the oldest skate park in Santiago. The park is also home to two charming dogs. Young and active, Chola spends her days playing with balls that she throws into empty pools. Football is an old dog, but beautiful and energetic, that obsessively accompanies Chola in this game. As time progresses, we watch the dogs grow older and listen to the adolescents' stories and anecdotes. This extraordinary documentary captures the rawness of youth in today's society and the often difficult transition to adulthood.

Winner, Special Jury Award, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam
Official Selection, Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

“Critic’s Pick! [A] beautiful film. Mesmerizing. The directors avoid symbolism or didacticism, and instead immerse us in a sense of life lived at the languid pace of an afternoon daydream.” 
The New York Times

“A doggone low-key crowdpleaser.” 
Hollywood Reporter

“Football and Chola will capture your heart… You don’t have to be a ‘dog person’ to find these two irresistible, although those with a soft spot for animals may be surprised by how deeply attached they get over the course of the film. The film is an escape from outside stresses, a breath of freedom in a busy world.” 

“One of the best dog films I've ever seen, and that's not even hyperbole. Amazing. I want to watch it again, and again, and again.” 

“An extraordinary film…. full of striking compositions that make the ordinary beautiful. Like the best films about the everyday, Los Reyes makes us reassess our ideas of what is and isn’t interesting in the world. Wonderful.” 
Film Comment

“Rich and thought-provoking. Has a hypnotic charm that animal lovers in particular will find hard to resist.” 

“Adorable and poignant. One of the most rewarding dog movies I’ve seen.”