A film by Keith McQuirter
2016, 55 minutes
No. 089


Update: Baron Walker (photo, center in picture) received parole and was released on August 17, 2018 after serving more than 22 years in the Wisconsin state prison system, following a concerted campaign by Odyssey Impact, the film's producers, in partnership with faith groups, government agencies and advocacy organizations on hundreds of film screenings of MILWAUKEE 53206.

The United States has the most prisoners of any nation in the world both in raw numbers and by percentage of the population. These numbers are further compounded within Milwaukee’s mostly African-American 53206 zip code, where 62% of adult men have spent time in prison, making this America's most incarcerated ZIP code.

MILWAUKEE 53206 chronicles the lives of those affected by incarceration in America's most incarcerated ZIP code. Through the intimate stories of three 53206 residents, we witness the high toll mass incarceration takes on individuals and families that make up the community. The film not only examines Milwaukee’s ZIP code 53206, but also illuminates the story of people from across the United States who live with the daily affects of mass incarceration.

These intimate stories reveal how a community fights to move forward even as a majority of its young men end up in prison. MILWAUKEE 53206 examines how decades of poverty, unemployment, and a lack of opportunity has contributed to the crisis of mass incarceration in this community and communities across the nation.

Winner, Best Documentary, Urbanworld Film Festival
Winner of the Media for a Just Society Award
Official Selection, Atlanta Film Festival
Official Selection, St. Louis Film Festival

"Three-and-a-half stars! Highly recommended.  A sincere film that is willing to ask tough questions about an endemic social problem that many would prefer to ignore." - Video Librarian

"This compassionate title underscores issues that transcend Milwaukee, opening discussions about urban violence, poverty, and the criminal-justice system." - Booklist