A film by Olha Zhurba
2022, 79 minutes
No. 392

Ukrainian filmmaker Olha Zhurba’s debut feature tells the story of Roma, who at the age of 13 became the poster child of the 2014 revolution.

A street kid who ran around the front lines of Kyiv throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, Roma’s face defined an uprising. But behind the camouflage uniform, sunglasses and fearlessness hid a lonely boy from an orphanage. When Roma turns 18, his only option is returning to the streets and the company of his loyal older brother, who has resorted to crime to survive. 

Through phone conversations with Roma, and piecing together CCTV and archive footage, Zhurba reveals the seven-year struggle of a young man attempting to regain control of his turbulent life.

Official Selection, CPH:DOX
Official Selection, Hot Docs
Official Selection, DocEdge
Official Selection, Sheffield Doc/Fest