A film by Anka and Wilhem Sasnal
2014, 66 minutes
No. 014


A haunting, tender and remarkable film, Parasite, directed by Wilhem Sasnal, a renowned painter and artist, and his wife, Anka Sasnal, is a film of brilliant, nocturnal beauty; a story of decay, chaos, aging and birth.

An old man who bears the scars of a life of factory work. A woman, alone apart from her small baby, who moves in with him. The film sketches out their day-to-day lives, taking in their cramped quarters and mutual dependency.

The camera records and follows them in equal measure. Along with baby’s cries, the only sounds to pierce their otherwise wordless life together are those of smacking lips, slurping and chewing, which together with the noises of their surrounding environment build to a tense crescendo. Finally, a dazzling nighttime foray for one of them, a moment of great intimacy and release.

Official Selection, Berlin Film Festival