A film by Blake Williams
2017, 63 minutes
No. 154

Note: Prototype requires a 3D blu-ray and 3D television. Unlike Williams' short films which can be viewed on regular screens, Protoype was filmed in Polarized 3D.

As the deadliest natural disaster in US history strikes Galveston, Texas, taking an estimated 6,000 to 12,000 lives, a mysterious televisual device projects images of an unknown origin. Blake Williams’ experimental 3-D film immerses us in the aftermath of this real-life disaster, at every minute represented by remarkable and mysterious images of a world nearing destruction. A consideration of technology, cinema, and the medium’s future, Prototype is an unprecedented, cinematic experience.

Official Selection, Locarno Festival
Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival
Official Selection, First Look Film Festival

“The most significant 3-D film since Jean-Luc Godard’s Goodbye to Language. Williams’s ideas, about modernity and nature, are serious. But what rouses, even overwhelms, are the immediate impressions: the splendor and the intensity, the look of faded photographs and boiling waves.” – Village Voice

“Critic’s Pick! A handmade film of uncompromising vision… A puzzle of strange pleasures, a nerve-racking way of recalibrating how to look at the screen and the world outside the screen.” – The New York Times

"A profound and complex work." -

“A prescient work in more ways than one (as of this writing Hurricane Harvey has dumped a catastrophic 48 inches of rain across south Texas)… Stunning… By returning to the past through the technology of the present, Prototype unassumingly crosses the line from forward-thinking to downright clairvoyant.”- Film Comment

"Continuously stunning." - Filmmaker Magazine

"A 60-minute avant-garde film has managed to easily outmatch any hundred-million-dollar production in its use of 3D." - Hyperallergic

“An accomplishment on another plane.” - Artforum