A film by Aisling Chin-Yee
2015, 17 minutes
No. 035


Can one taste a color or see a sound? This fascinating short documentary explores the brain and the neuro-cognitive phenomenon known as synesthesia, where multiples senses are blended together.

It’s difficult to estimate how common synesthesia is. But what’s certain is that the number of reported cases is increasing at a rapid pace. Loosely defined as “senses comings together,” synesthesia, in its basic form, is when a certain sense or part of a sense is activated in the brain, another unrelated sense is activated concurrently.

For 'synesthetes', the letter A might be undeniably a fire engine red, or a certain musical composition will always have a specific smell.

Through interviews, animation, music and sound design, Synesthesia is a captivating documentary that allows for a greater understanding of how our mind works and how we sense the world around us.

* Winner, Best Short Documentary, Crossroads Film Festival
* Official Sekection, RIDM – Montreal International Documentary Festival
* Official Selection, Philip K Dick Film Festival
* Official Selection, Newport International Film Festival
* Official Selection, Green Mountain Film Festival
"Well written and edited. It both looks and sounds just fine to my nonsynesthetic mind." - Educational Media Reviews Online