THE 50

A film by Brenton Gieser
2022, 91 minutes
No. 412

THE 50
Against the backdrop of prison overcrowding and widespread substance use, The 50 is an exploration into how the most discounted members of society built one of the most powerful models of rehabilitation we have.

The program’s creation unfolds on screen, but the film's focus sharpens on the personal histories of 3 of its first 50 members Randy Carter, Al Roensch, and Cameron Clark, their stories of the traumas they’ve both endured and inflicted, and the present-day realities of their impact on society 10 years after the program’s beginning.

The film takes on a unique style by investigating the emotional content of the past events through reenactment scenes, all shot on 16mm.

Official Selection, DOC NYC
Official Selection, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Official Selection, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Official Selection, Cleveland International Film Festival