A film by Ana Endara Mislov
2016, 60 minutes
No. 079

What impact does sound have on our lives? From classical music to a hummingbird flapping its wings to the Earth’s natural hum, this is an incredibe exploration of the psychology, sociology and economics of sound.

The Joy of Sound takes viewers on a voyage of the senses and reflects on nature, communal life, solitude and silence... An ode to sound, that mysterious, invisible and intangible phenomenon that brings pleasure and togetherness – and on occasion, irritation.

Set in and around the sun-drenched city of Tucué in Panama, the documentary introduces us to people who are harnessing sound in unique ways: a man who spends his days driving around his neighborhood blaring classical music, a blind woman who’s mapped out her world through sound, an engineer who describes how precisely-tuned amplifiers can pick up the planet’s natural tones, or a man who demonstrates how poverty and prosperity emit different sound waves.

Filmed in lustrous black and white, The Joy of Sound weaves together the stories of these sound revolutionaries with the natural cacophony of city life for a special work that will forever change the way you listen.

Official Selection, International Documentary Festival Amsterdam

"Shot in beautiful black and white, Ana Endara Mislov's charming film focuses on the ambient symphony of a world that we tend to tune out. The Joy of Sound is - per its title - a project that reverberates with pleasure from start to finish." - Indiewire

"What is the sound of a spider weaving a web? A frog blinking? A hummingbird in flight? Is the absence of silence merely noise or is it something else? In this engaging video essay on the meaning and impact of sound in daily life, and the joy it can bring, these questions and others like it are thoughtfully considered. Recommended." - Educational Media Reviews Online