A film by Charlotte Mangin, Sandra Rattley
2020, 285 minutes
No. 283

Available as on DVD with all 26 shorts (4 hours and 45 minutes) and as a 2-disc set including "The Changemakers," the 52 minute broadcast version. Digital Site Licenses available. Please inquire with questions to info@grasshopperfilm.com.

UNLADYLIKE2020 calls into question American history as we know it, reaching back to the dawn of the 20th century to recognize unsung female leaders and women of color trailblazers. The series presents rich biographies of 26 trailblazing American women that everyone should know, who broke barriers in male-dominated fields over 100 years ago, such as politics, journalism, science, business, sports, and the arts, including the first woman to found a hospital on an American Indian reservation, serve in the U.S. Congress, become a bank president, earn an international pilot’s license, lead scientific expeditions in the Arctic, swim the English Channel, sing opera on the main stage at Carnegie Hall, or direct a feature-length movie.

Presenting history in a bold new way, UNLADYLIKE2020 brings these extraordinary stories of daring and persistence back to life through captivating original artwork and animation, rare archival imagery, and interviews with historians, descendants, and accomplished women of today, who reflect on the influence of these pioneers. 

The UNLADYLIKE2020 collection includes short documentary films ranging in length from 9 to 12 minutes profiling 26 different women. Also available is The Changemakers, an hour-long documentary highlighting the names, stories and legacies of 5 pioneers - "first women" – who organized campaigns for social change. Their profound and extraordinary achievements in politics, civil rights and suffrage, largely taken for granted by history, or absent from standard American history texts, underscore the importance of deconstructing and revising the historical record to include the contributions of women and women of color. The inspiring battles that they waged in the name of equality continue to be fought today.

Bessie Coleman (9 minutes 3 seconds)
Grace Abbott (9 minutes 5 seconds)
Maggie Lena Walker (9 minutes 40 seconds)
Lillian Gilbreth (10 minutes 21 seconds)
Ynés Mexía (9 minutes 18 seconds) 
Anna May Wong (11 minutes 26 seconds) 
Meta Warrick Fuller (11 minutes 25 seconds) 
Louise Arner Boyd (10 minutes 00 seconds)
Lois Weber (12 minutes 13 seconds) 
Williamina Fleming (9 minutes 34 seconds) 
Tye Leung Schulze (10 minutes 18 seconds) 
Rose Schneiderman (11 minutes 2 seconds) 
Margaret Chung (10 minutes 19 seconds) 
Gladys Bentley (11 minutes 52 seconds) 
Annie Smith Peck (10 minutes 41 seconds) 
Susan La Flesche Picotte (11 minutes 38 seconds) 
Sissieretta Jones (11 minutes 9 seconds) 
Queen Lili`uokalani (12 minutes 14 seconds) 
Gertrude Ederle (11 minutes 55 seconds) 
Sonora Webster Carver (10 minutes 2 seconds) 
Mary Church Terrell (11 minutes 54 seconds) 
Martha Hughes Cannon (12 minutes 23 seconds) 
Jovita Idar (11 minutes 11 seconds)
Jeannette Rankin (12 minutes 39 seconds)
Zitkála-Šá (11 minutes 39 seconds)
Charlotta Spears Bass (12 minutes 34 seconds)

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Official Selection, Athena Film Festival
Official Selection, AFI Docs Festival
Official Selection, Bentonville Festival
Official Selection, Virginia Film Festival
Official Selection, Women Deliver Film Festival

"This hour-long documentary focuses on political change, examining the ways women accomplished amazing milestones over 100 years ago, overcoming great resistance to map a national future of equality and to improve life for Americans." -- Entertainment Weekly

"Using their voices and power to become changemakers through running for office and organizing movements, these women were able to effect changes to immigration law, expand civil rights, launch anti-lynching campaigns, and fight for the right to vote. Examining the women who pioneered these social changes a century ago... [UNLADYLIKE2020] establishes how these women and their actions continue to influence the status of equality today... commenting about how though much of their work began 100 years ago, it's still unfinished today." -- Forbes