A film by Various Directors
2023, 36 minutes
No. 421

The three short films in this series inaugurate the new audiovisual production of the Yanomami - one of the largest Indigenous groups living in Amazonia today -  produced by young people who are part of a group formed in 2018 by Hutukara to become communicators, and to disseminate this work among the Yanomami as well as to other Indigenous communities and non-Indigenous people.

The first film in the series, The Tree of Dream is made with the participation of the great leader and shaman Davi Kopenawa, who leads the viewer in this experience by presenting the knowledge of the Yanomami about dreams. The second and third films are the first films to be directed and filmed by Yanomami women; The Fishing with Timbó tells us about the process of fishing with timbó, the vine traditionally used to stun fish, and A Woman Thinking shares the perspective of a young woman on yãkoana, a substance used in the work of shamans.

“We want to show who we are and put an end to the prejudice we still suffer from”, says HAY's vice-president, Dário Vitório Kopenawa Yanomami.

The Fishing with Timbó (
Yuri u xëatima thë)
Directed by Aida Harika Yanomami, Edmar Tokorino Yanomami and Roseane Yariana Yanomami, 2023, 10 minutes
Two young Yanomami filmmakers describe the process of indigenous fishing with timbó, a vine traditionally used to stun fishes. The meeting of voices and perspectives suggests the re-enchantment of images as a way of storytelling.

A Woman Thinking (Thuë pihi kuuwi)
Directed by Aida Harika Yanomami, Edmar Tokorino Yanomami and Roseane Yariana Yanomami, 2023, 9 minutes
A Yanomami woman observes a shaman during the preparation of the Yãkoana, the food of the spirits. Through the narrative of a young indigenous woman, the Yãkoana that feeds the Xapiri and allows shamans to enter the world of spirits also proposes a meeting of perspectives and imaginations.

The Tree of Dream (Mãri hi)
Directed by Morzaniel Ɨramari, 2023, 17 minutes
When the flowers of the Mãri tree blossom, dreams arise. The words of a great shaman guide an oniric experience through the synergy between cinema and the Yanomami dream, presenting poetics and teachings of the forest people.

Official Selection, Venice Film Festival
Official Selection, Sheffield Doc Fest
Official Selection, It’s All True Film Festival
Official Selection, São Paulo International Short Film Festival
Official Selection, Rio de Janeiro Int‘l Film Festival