A film by Sonia Kennebeck
2023, 94 minutes
No. 413

The incredible true story of Reality Winner in her own words. Filmed over five years, this is the only documentary about the young NSA whistleblower who exposed Russian interference in U.S.elections and went to jail for it. With exclusive access to Reality Winner and the media outlet involved in her arrest, this film also reveals FBI evidence never before released. Would you risk your freedom to protect democracy?

Official Selection, SXSW
"Using intimate, never-before-heard conversations between Reality and her family, Kennebeck crafts a thought-provoking exposé about the risks of whistleblowing, even if acting in good faith on behalf of the country, and begs the question if her actions constitute that of a traitor or a hero." - Cinemacy

“A principled, soulful documentary… It provides a welcome introduction to the case, as well as an investigation into the nature of whistleblowing itself, its effects on one’s psyche and family, and whether our vast secrecy apparatus is compatible with democratic self-rule when it so routinely deprives the public, and even government officials, of information they have the right to know. “ – The New Republic