A film by Markell Brothers
2014, 74 minutes
No. 022


A wonderful, eye-opening documentary, Trend Beacons offers an in-depth look at the secretive world of trend forecasting -- at how a small group of individuals predict (or in some cases, engineer), the cultural and social trends of tomorrow.

The documentary follows four of these trend beacons, The Ravage duo (Clemens Rameckers & Arnold van Geuns), Christine Boland and David Shah. Businesses of all stripes live and die on their predictions. Betting on the wrong trends can wind up devastating an operation.

In this documentary, we observe how these individuals develop their forecasts, what materials and information they use, and how they present it to their clients.

Trend Beacons is an expose of a hidden world that affects everybody on a daily basis but that very few are aware of.

Official Selection, CPH: DOX

"Three stars. A lively documentary on trend forecasters. Recommended."
- Video Librarian

"Succeeds at illuminating this typically hidden side of consumer society. Recommended for marketing, advertising, and design programs, particularly around fashion."
- Educational Media Reviews Online